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Rooms & Suites

Located in South Africa’s Safari hub of Hoedspruit, Safari Moon is a boutique base from which to discover the wonders of South Africa’s Lowveld region.

Room 1 | Porcupine

Named after the prickly porcupines that are often seen from the deck after dark, this room in on ground level and is one of the most spacious at 85 SQM in size and the most secluded of all the suites.


Room 2 | Honey Badger

Back in the beginning of the Safari Moon venture a resident honey badger would often visit this room deck to get to the tangled leadwood, which at the time was home to a hive of honey-making bees!


Room 3 | Nyala

Overlooking the garden grounds and surrounding bush, Nyala are often seen from this deck quenching their thirst at the bird baths or nibbling the tender new shoots.


Room 4 | Bush Baby

Aptly named after the busy bush babies which can be seen bounding about outside, this room is located in the lodge, up a short staircase from the main grand entrance.


Room 5 | Leopard

Named after one of Africa’s most elusive inhabitants, the leopard. Owners Nicola & Guy have had a few sightings since purchasing the property and the beauty of these felines is featured throughout the lodge, from printed throws to stunning sculptures.


Room 6 | Giraffe

Roaming the wildlife estate, giraffe are often seen in front of this room browsing the branches of the bush-veld that surround Safari Moon.